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Fantasy Anniversary Edition

10 years ago, after Britney Spears enter to perfume market,  there are various fragrance which successful. The 1st fragrance from Britney Spears is Curious but the most successful is Fantasy which everyone well-know. This year is a 10th year which Britney Spears launched her first fragrance. She select Britney Spears Fantasy for celebrate 10th Anniversary.



The new limited edition fragrance has the same ingredient and scent. It opens with lychee, kiwi and quince in top notes. Middle note is consist of white chocolate, jasmine, orchid and cupcake which give you sweet in yourself. Bas notes is must, orris root and woodsy note which give you warming and romantic. The perfumer who behide the successful is James Krivda.


They design new bottle and box. The bottle is black and decorate with gold crystal and letter. There are 3 phrase in different 3 bollte. The phrase is  "10 hugs and 10 kisses", "To my sweet scented fans for the decade of love" and "You are my inspiration" XOXO Britney. There are 100 bottle which Britney Spears sign. There are fanclub name from worldwide is on the box too.


Britney Spears Fantasy Anniversary Edition is Eau De Parfum which available in 30 ml. and  50 ml.

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