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Elizabeth Arden Untold Featured

Today, Elizabeth Arden has launched a new fruity-floral perfume. It's a women fragrance which is sensual and sexy. New fragrance name is Untold. It's inspired by the perfumer explore in New York city at first time. He excite with natural of New York city and new thing. He try to open mind and learn about new experience. After that he impress in many thing of New York. The perfumer behide Elizabeth Arden Untold is Clement Gavarry who are a perfumer of International Flavors and Fragrances.



It open with fresh scent of black currant, bergamot, pink pepper and pear in top notes. Follow by heart notes of 3 flowers include gardenia, peony, jasmin. End with base note include sandalwood, patchouli, sensual musk and amber.


Elizabeth Arden Untold is Eau De Parfum fragrance which is available in 30 ml., 50 ml. and 100 ml. The bottle design is look like heart shape with transparent. Perfume water is gold color. Bottle is decorated by silver metallic. The box is gold color with gold letter "UNTOLD" on white background.

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