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CK Eternity Aqua

Published in Perfume News

After Calvin Klein launched CK  Eternity Aqua for Men Fragrance in 2010 and CK Eternity Aqua for Women Perfume in 2012, but they havn't video commercial. Just yesterday (25th April 2013), they just launched CK Eternity Aqua Video Commercial through internet online. There are 2 models in video.



Starring Edita Vilkeviciute is Lithuanian model. She has light/brown hair and blue/green eye. She tall 175 cm. She has various project such as she participated to Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in 2008. She is a face of various brand such as Karl Lagerfeld, Gap, Emporio Armani. In this video, she is representative to Eternity Aqua for Women.


Ben Hill is American model. He was born at Sugarhill, Georgia in USA. He has brown hair and blue eye. He tall 188 cm. Currently he is model in Belstaff / Spring/Summer 2013. In CK Eternity Aqua, he is representative to men fragrance.


It's a first Eternity Aqua vieo commercial whch is directed by Mario Sorrenti

Adidas Team Five Fragrance

Published in Perfume News

After the latest Adidas Intense Touch Perfume launched in March 2011, There are good response from customer. This year 2013, Adidas has launched Adidas Team Five Special Edition Perfume already. It's inspired by five a side football team. A new fragrance is freshness, aromatic and masculine scent. 



It's open with fresh and citrus from basil, green apple and lemon. The heart notes is aromatic which include of  sage, lavender and pepper mint. Base note is masculine and warm with amber and wood.


Adidas Team Five Special Edition Perfume for young who need fresh energy. It's a Eau De Toilette fragrance. It's available 50 ml. and 100 ml. There are bodycare product include deo body spray, hair-body shower gel, after-shave, refreshing body fragrance, deo stick and deo roll on.


Zinedine Zidane is a Adidas Team Five fragrance presenter, after he had a face in Adidas Intense Touch in 2011


Team Five Challenge Tournament is a give a chance for you to play five a side football. You must to be a winner in each country (France, England, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Greece and Mexico). Second Round, you must to be a winner among 10 countries. The winner will have a opportunity to play against with Zinedine Zidane team.

Nina L’Eau Nina Ricci

Published in Perfume News

Nina L’Eau by Nina Ricci is a new fragrance in 2013. It has launched to market in January 2013 already. It was developed from original Nina Perfume in 2006 which you impress.



The new version is fresh citrus of lemon and green apple. Follow by heart notes of cherry, gardenia and aqua notes. End with sexy and sensual musk. The bottle of Nina L’Eau Nina Ricci is original Nina shape but color is different. In the new version Nina Ricci use ice pink color on bottle and a silver cap.


It's a Eau De Toilette fragrance with available in 30 ml., 50 ml. and 80 ml.


Do you know the face of new fragrance and campaign? Frida GustavssonShe is Swedish Model. She was born 6th June 1993 and entry to the fasion social in 2008. Her masterpice is face of Vogue cover magazine in Japan. She walked in Fall Valentino haute couture show, Paris. After that she must to walk on catwalk for various brand such as Louis Vuitton, Lanvin, Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs and last year in Victoria's Secret. She outstanding with height 185 cm., blonde hair, blue - grey eye. She is the one of 50 models in the world by We bring video commercial to you under the article. Now, do you fall in love in Frida Gustavsson or Nina L’Eau Nina Ricci?

Mercedes Benz Intense

Published in Perfume News

We presented fragrance from Mercedes Benz for Men last year (2012). Do you recognize? The perfumer is Olivier Cresp. Citrus, fresh spicy, powdery and woody in main accord of Mercedes Benz for men.



2013, Mercedes Benz prepare to launch a new new fragrance which is more intense and attract than original perfume. It's a Mercedes Benz Intense. It's fresher, stronger than Mercedes Benz for men.


Fresh and spark with Calabrian bergamot, Italian mandarin, lemon essences, violet leaves. Ingredient will help you wake up with fresher than everyday. Follow by the heart note which consist of pepper, nutmeg, galbanum, violet and cascalone molecule. It make you spicier than original. End with base note include ambrox, American cedar, bourbon vetiver, limbanol, Indonesian patchoulii and cetalox.

The bottle design is like original but it use dark gray color shade. It's available in Eau De Toilette fragrance 75 ml. and 120 ml. You will see this perfume at Harrods.

Puma Sync

Published in Perfume News

Famous sport brand from Germany has launched new summer sport fragrance to world market already. It's a duo fragrance for men and women who love in sport game. You feel fresh like a power up immediately.



Puma Sync Woman is a frity floral perfume. It open with fresh scent of papaya, wild berries and mandarin orange in top notes. Follow by heart notes of chestnut and lotus. End with amber, sandalwood and peach in base note. Puma Sync Woman is a Eau De Toilette fragrance. It's available in 20 ml., 40 ml. and 60 ml. It's not only sport time fragrance but you can wear it when you want.


Puma Sync Men is a woody oriental fragrance but it start up with fresh from bergamot, green note and lime, enrich with rosemary, lavender and geranium, end with base notes which include that amber, guaiac wood and cedar. It's available in 25 ml. EDT, 40 ml. EDT and 60 ml. EDT. If you want to feel fresh in your life, use Puma Sync

Vera Wang Pink Princess

Published in Perfume News

After Vera Wang launched Night Princess in January 2012. They got a lot of positive feedback from customer. Now, they reward customer by develop a new fragrance for you. The new fragrance was developed from original Vera Wang Princess perfume in 2006. Fragrance name is Vera Wang Pink Princess.



Pink Princess represent to feminine, delicate, tender, charming. In photo you will see charming smile from a girl who is cheerful, smiling, playful and joyful. She is so happy with pink flower in her hand.


Top notes : pink grapefruit and raspberry

Heart notes : hibiscus and honeysuckle

Base notes : marshmallow and white amber


Vera Wang Pink Princess is available in Eau De Toilette 30 ml. and 50 ml. You can buy it at The Perfume Shop or The Fragrance Shop in UK. I believe that there are a lot of Vera Wang fan club who collect Vera Wang Collection because it's beautiful bottle and nice scent. I like it too.

Angry Bird Fragrance

Published in Design

Do you know "Angry Bird"? I believe that everyone well know the famous mobile game. There are a lot of game version and level. After the successful of Angry Bird, they sold Angry Bird license to other company for produce other product such as cartoon animation, clothes, toy and perfume for kids.



Today, we talk about Angry Bird perfume or fragrance. Air Val company who produce fragrance for kids and adult. I know that they buy a license to produce fragrance from Disney, Hello Kitty, Real Madrid, Barcelona. Disney license is include that Minnie, Ben 10, Mickey, Barbie, etc.


Angry Bird is the latest license which Air Val buy. Most fragrance from Air Val is kid fragrance which safe and high quality for kid. The collection is include Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird and King Pig. They produce various collection include that Prestigious collections; standard collection, 3D Cologne collection and sets of all collection and miniatures sets.


Fragrance is Eau De Toilette which is available in 5 ml., 50 ml. and 100 ml. There are body care come with fragrance too. Angry Bird perfume will attract to your son, daughter sure.


Published in About Us

When you want to buy perfume from us, you must to register first. If you register you will get more benefit than unregister such as you get a new perfume news, you get more discount than unregister, you have a chance to receive free sample perfume from us. You're enjoy? If yes, hurry up to sign up now. How to sign up? We will describe to you.


1. Click a "Create an account" in your left hand under the "Log in with Facebook". I draw a red circle on "Create an account" for outstanding.



2. Fulfill information in the space except "description". You can use your avatar, upload your picture 200 X 200 Pixel. Then click "Register"



3. Fulfill your address, bill address and shiping address by click "address" in the bottom tab.



4. You're successful in the website registration process. If you have any problem in register process, please contact us via send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Published in About Us

In the shopping process, you must to be our member. If you are our member already, you can buy our product. Let's to shopping our fragrance.


1. You must to log in our website. After that select a product, size, kind of fragrance and quantity which you want. Look at the first red circle. And then, click "Add to cart". Then check it shipping available or not available. It show in the second red circle.



2. After you click "Add to cart", there are 2 choices between "Continue shopping" and "Show cart". In this case we select "Show cart" and  do 7 steps, 1st add/edit "billing address", 2nd add/edit shipment address, 3rd select "shipment", 4th select payment, 5th write something which you need special such as you want product arrive to receiver  on 15 March 2013, 6th check in the small box that you accept "Term of Service", 7th click "check out now"



3. You're successful in the shopping process. After shopping process is payment


Published in About Us

After you select perfume already, you must to select shipping method. We have 1 shipping method for Thailand destination and 2 shipping methods for aboard destination.



For ship your fragrance to your destination within Thailand

1. EMS Shipping within Thailand. Wherever you live in Thailand, we will ship your fragrance to your hand. It's free of charge. Fragrance will be shiped to your hand within 2-3 business days.


For ship your fragrance to your destination outside Thailand (Worldwide)

1. Worldwide Standard Shipping. We ship your fragrance to your hand in the reasonable price. There are shipping fee depend on weight and country zone. It uses 15-35 business days for ship perfume to your hand.

2. Worldwide Premium Shipping. You will receive your fragrance within 7-15 business day. Shipping fee is higher than Worldwide Standard Shipping but it's faster and safer.



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