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Angry Bird Fragrance Featured

Do you know "Angry Bird"? I believe that everyone well know the famous mobile game. There are a lot of game version and level. After the successful of Angry Bird, they sold Angry Bird license to other company for produce other product such as cartoon animation, clothes, toy and perfume for kids.



Today, we talk about Angry Bird perfume or fragrance. Air Val company who produce fragrance for kids and adult. I know that they buy a license to produce fragrance from Disney, Hello Kitty, Real Madrid, Barcelona. Disney license is include that Minnie, Ben 10, Mickey, Barbie, etc.


Angry Bird is the latest license which Air Val buy. Most fragrance from Air Val is kid fragrance which safe and high quality for kid. The collection is include Red Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird and King Pig. They produce various collection include that Prestigious collections; standard collection, 3D Cologne collection and sets of all collection and miniatures sets.


Fragrance is Eau De Toilette which is available in 5 ml., 50 ml. and 100 ml. There are body care come with fragrance too. Angry Bird perfume will attract to your son, daughter sure.

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