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Adidas Team Five Fragrance Featured

After the latest Adidas Intense Touch Perfume launched in March 2011, There are good response from customer. This year 2013, Adidas has launched Adidas Team Five Special Edition Perfume already. It's inspired by five a side football team. A new fragrance is freshness, aromatic and masculine scent. 



It's open with fresh and citrus from basil, green apple and lemon. The heart notes is aromatic which include of  sage, lavender and pepper mint. Base note is masculine and warm with amber and wood.


Adidas Team Five Special Edition Perfume for young who need fresh energy. It's a Eau De Toilette fragrance. It's available 50 ml. and 100 ml. There are bodycare product include deo body spray, hair-body shower gel, after-shave, refreshing body fragrance, deo stick and deo roll on.


Zinedine Zidane is a Adidas Team Five fragrance presenter, after he had a face in Adidas Intense Touch in 2011


Team Five Challenge Tournament is a give a chance for you to play five a side football. You must to be a winner in each country (France, England, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Greece and Mexico). Second Round, you must to be a winner among 10 countries. The winner will have a opportunity to play against with Zinedine Zidane team.

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