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L’Eau Par Kenzo Colors

Happy Sunday, thanks everyone who follow our web. We promise to develop for better website. Today, we will present couple fragrance from Kenzo. Kenzo has launched new couple fragrance for men and women. New fragrance name is L’Eau Par Kenzo Colors Pour Homme and Pour Femme.



L'Eau Par Kenzo Colors Pour Femme has developed from original L’Eau Par Kenzo for women in 1996. Olivier Cresp is a perfumer who is behide the scent. A new perfume is a fresh spicy and floral fragrance. It open with fresh of mandarin and peach, spicy with ginger. Follow by rich floral scent include of rose, lily and jasmin. Last, base notes is warm scent by white cedar and musk.


L'Eau Par Kenzo Colors Pour Homme is developed from original L'Eau Par Kenzo Pour Homme in 1999. A perfumer who behide scent is Olivier Cresp. L'Eau Par Kenzo Colors Pour Homme is aromatic, fresh-spicy, citrus fragrance. It is fresh and sparkle with lemon, coriander leaf and ginger. Middle notes is cardamom, sage and mint. Close with cedar and musk which is signature scent note in L'Eau Par Kenzo Colors.


L’Eau Par Kenzo Colors is inspired from warming day which under the sun in Cote d'Azur, France. It's make you feel colorful and playful in a busy day. Bottle design is transparent glass and decorated with colorful print sceen both bottle and box. Both new fragrance are 50 ml. in Eau De Toilette fragrance. It's available now.

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