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Gucci Flora 1966 Perfume

In the spring of 2013, brand Italy house "Gucci" will launch a new women fragrance. After We have Gucci Flora (Eau De Toilette) in April 2009, Gucci Flora (Eau De Parfum) in January 2010 and we have Gucci Flora Garden Collection in May 2012, now we have Gucci Flora 1966.



A new perfume is a new flanker and developed from fragrance in 2009 but it different colour. Gucci Flora 1966 use black theme. You will smell a rich of floral scent, open with fresh of bergamot, follow by the spice of Bourbon pepper, peony, rose, end with warm of patchouli, vetiver and musk.



When you compare with Gucci Flora (Eau De Parfum) in 2009 you will see that it different scent note. Although the name  of fragrance is "Gucci Flora 1966" but it give you a new scent and experience.  Gucci Flora 1966 is inspired by the word "Flora" print on scarft which exclusively designed for Princess Grace of Monaco in 1996.


Gucci Flora 1966 is Eau De Parfum. It's available in 100 ml. Who want to be a early customer? don't miss it, it will launch in the market May 2013. Good Luck

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