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Escada Born in Paradise Featured

In summer 2014, Escada plans to launch a new fragrance which tropical fruit scent. After the success in Escada Cherry in The Air in 2013, It has a lot of positive feedback to Escada. Each year, Escada launches a summer fragrance  which floral and fruity scent with beautiful package. The new fragrance name is Escada Born in Paradise. It may be a most favorite fragrance in Escada brand.



Escada Born in Paradise will take you to the tropical heaven, fly to the worldwide, taste of fruit juicy, feel of light of sun. The ingredient is consist of various fruit, green apple, guava, watermelon, and various floral species.


Escada Born in Paradise is Eau De Toilette fragrance which available in 30 ml., 50 ml. and 100 ml. It will be launch with body lotion.

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