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Marc Jacobs Honey Featured

Last year, a original version of Dot by Marc Jacobs was launched in March 2012. It's fruity - floral scent. The unique of flacon make customer well known Dot by Marc Jacobs. July 2013, Marc Jacobs prepare to launch Hiney by Marc Jacobs. A flacon is developed from Dot. The unique of flacon is outstanding. It look like original flacon shape but it different in color and decorate. They use yellow cap and orange bottle. There are 2 honeys decorate on cap and near label on bottle.



Top notes of Marc Jacobs Honey is fresh scent of pear, punch and mandarin. Heart note is a floral scent from orange blossom, peach, honeysuckle. Close with base notes which include of honey, vanilla and wood. The perfumer who behide scent is Annie Buzantian. He is a perfumer of Dot by Marc Jacobs too.


The new fragrance take you to modern, natural. Marc Jacobs Honey is available in 30 ml., 50 ml. and 100 ml. It's a Eau De Parfum fragrance. It will launch to the market with other product such as shower gel, body lotion. If you are Marc Jacobs fan club, don't miss any all.


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