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CH Eau De Parfum Sublime

Published in Perfume News

CH Eau De Parfum Sublime is a new perfume in 2013 from Carolina Herrera. It's a fragrance for women who has charming, sensuality and elegant. It is developed from original CH from 2007. It's a floral, patchouli scent. It open with fresh, follow by floral and end with warm. The CH Eau De Parfum Sublime represent to feminine, sensuality and joyful.



Top notes : passion flower and bergamot

Heart notes : rose and orchid

Base notes : amber, patchouli, moss and leather


The outstanding scent note is orchid. Fragrance longevity is about 3 - 6 hours. Fragrance Sillage is about 6 feets. CH Eau De Parfum Sublime appropriate to use on day in spring and fall. It's Eau De Parfum fragrance in 80 ml. The bottle use violet theme and violet color ribbon on neck. There are gold C and H pendant on neck too.


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