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Pitbull Woman and Man

Published in Perfume News

Armando Christian Pérez is famous American rapper who has a new first fragrance for women and men. Armando Christian Pérez, we well know in Pitbull. The new fragrance name is Pitbull Woman and Pitbull Man which produced under the license with Parlux company. It's will be exclusive available in Amazon from now to Valentine's day 2014. After that, It may be available in outlet worldwide.



Pitbull Women has white bottle and box. This fragrance is inspired from dance music and electronic light each city and each night. Pitbull Women is a cheerful and sexy fragrance which open with raspberry, apple and orange mandarin. Middle notes is nectarine blossom, freesia, jasmine. Close with woods, amber, vanilla and musk. It is Eau De Parfum fragrance which available in 30 ml., 50 ml. and 100 ml.


Pitbull Man is inspired from Pitbull's travel trip around the world. Lighting and night life give us the idea to create new perfume for Pitbull Man. It's a masculine, sensual and charming fragrance. It open with fresh from bergamot and mandarin. Middle notes is spice with cardamom, sage and violet. End with sensual verbena, vetiver, musk, tonka bean and warming amber. It's a Eau De Toilette which available in 30 ml., 50 ml. and 100 ml.


It's available now at Amazon

Brit Rhythm for Women

Published in Perfume News

After the success of Burberry Brit Rhythm for Men which has launched in September 2013, Burberry has project to launch a new one for women next year. Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women is inspired from rock & roll music. The powerful of voice with steady of musical instrument differ from fragrance which delicate powder with soft.



Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women is created by Nathalie Cetto and Antoine Maisondieu. It's consist of English lavender, pink pepper, neroli, orris, blackberry leaf,  orange blossom, petalia (peony molecule), vetiver and musk.


Ms.Cetto said that "we proud this fragrance because it's consist of English lavender. English lavender is more aroma than other lavender from other country."


Burberry Brit Rhythm for Women is Eau De Toilettewhich available in 30 ml., 50 ml. and 90 ml.

Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

Published in Classic Perfume

Today, we will take you back to the past of DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom. It's a famous and popular perfume for women. DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom is a women's fragrance which introduce to market in 2009. It's a fresh, floral and feminine fragrance for a women who is crazy in flower.



It's open with freshness from grapefruit, cassis and apricot. Follow by floral note which consist of lily of the valley, rose and jasmin make you fun and cheerful. End with base note include wood and apple.


DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom is a Eau De Toilette Perfume which available in 30 ml., 50 ml. and 100 ml. It come with another product such as shower gel and body lotion. There are various DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom package such as mini set, coffret, giftset with shower gel and body lotion.


A fragrance scent longevity is 1 - 2 hours. Fragrance sillage is radiate within arm length. The Outstanding fragrance note is rose, apple, grapefruit, lily-of-the-valley, jasmin, apricot, wood and cassis sequently.


Explore the world, find yourself, wear your scent, what's your fragrance?


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