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Published in About Us

When you want to buy perfume from us, you must to register first. If you register you will get more benefit than unregister such as you get a new perfume news, you get more discount than unregister, you have a chance to receive free sample perfume from us. You're enjoy? If yes, hurry up to sign up now. How to sign up? We will describe to you.


1. Click a "Create an account" in your left hand under the "Log in with Facebook". I draw a red circle on "Create an account" for outstanding.



2. Fulfill information in the space except "description". You can use your avatar, upload your picture 200 X 200 Pixel. Then click "Register"



3. Fulfill your address, bill address and shiping address by click "address" in the bottom tab.



4. You're successful in the website registration process. If you have any problem in register process, please contact us via send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Published in About Us

In the shopping process, you must to be our member. If you are our member already, you can buy our product. Let's to shopping our fragrance.


1. You must to log in our website. After that select a product, size, kind of fragrance and quantity which you want. Look at the first red circle. And then, click "Add to cart". Then check it shipping available or not available. It show in the second red circle.



2. After you click "Add to cart", there are 2 choices between "Continue shopping" and "Show cart". In this case we select "Show cart" and  do 7 steps, 1st add/edit "billing address", 2nd add/edit shipment address, 3rd select "shipment", 4th select payment, 5th write something which you need special such as you want product arrive to receiver  on 15 March 2013, 6th check in the small box that you accept "Term of Service", 7th click "check out now"



3. You're successful in the shopping process. After shopping process is payment

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